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One of the largest food production companies in Kurdistan and in Iraq.

DAS Food Industries is one of the largest food production companies in Kurdistan and in Iraq. DAS Food Industries was established in 2020, it is a subsidiary of KHOSHNAW Company for commercial investments.


Mohammed Ghafoor Majid

Founder and CEO’s message:

Mr. Mohammad Khoshnaw founded Das Food Industries in 2020. He is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Erbil-based factory, which is the largest wheat-based food production factory in Iraq. His leadership ensured Das Food Industries great success despite the company’s young portfolio. He has been essential to developing Iraq’s wheat trade, quickly becoming a leading figure in the wheat trade both in Iraq and the outside world.

Today, DAS produces high-quality wheat products for hundreds of thousands of people across the region, with plans for international exports in a near future.Mr. Khoshnaw believes that DAS is an important project that would help turn Iraq and the Kurdistan Region into a regional food basket with outstanding export capacity.

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Our Vision

We strive for a vision of high quality local food products.

Our ambitions go hand in hand with our strong determination. Our vision is for our farmers’ products to dominate the local market. The land has all the resources and certainly the potential to end dependence on imports and become a reliable food source for the entire population. This is not a farfetched dream. DAS Food Industries is well on its way to produce agricultural products far superior to what is imported into the country from abroad. Contributing to a strong Agro-industry is at the heart of our work. Hence, we have a seed preparation and processing plant for the best quality of seeds. Our factories leave zero waste as we process all biproducts into animal feed for poultry, fish and cattle.

Our Mission

What makes us different from others

Turning this fertile land into a regional food basket is part of our mission and we firmly believe that centuries of ancient farming knowledge together with our determination and technological knowhow can certainly make this country a major agricultural hub. DAS Food Industries uses wheat for a variety of food products such as Flour, Bulgur, Macaroni, Cereal and Biscuits.

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fill the agricultural gaps
We have to rely on ourselves to fill the many agricultural gaps in the region
take advantage of our green lands
Take full advantage of our green and prosperous lands
work with local farmers
Work with local farmers to use wheat to produce a wide variety of foods
build a rich food basket
Build a rich food basket across the whole of Iraq and the rest of the Middle East.
Our Produces
plethora of different products across multiple state of the art factories

DAS Food Industries produces a plethora of different products across multiple state of the art factories.Our factories utilize the most modern and advanced technologies and machines to ensure that the quality of the products are supreme. Our factories are also completely operated by local personnel but with the help and guidance of the world’s greatest minds in their respective fields.